Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Favorite Book of the Moment

Taking a break from watching The Royal Wedding coverage to quickly share with you a book my kids and I have been reading over and over again for the last month.  It is very apropos for the season especially here in the Midwest where Spring traditionally takes it's sweet time in getting here...

Love, Love, LOVE this book!!  The illustrations are created from a cut paper gorgeous.  It's a simple story about a mother and child waiting for summer to come.  So sweet and beautiful.  Both my kids have it memorized...they call it "The Summer Book" and ask me to read it almost every night.  Nikki McClure has a new book in this style just published earlier this month, To Market To Market, that I can't wait to get my hands on as well.  Check them both out!  (I'm having Reading Rainbow flashbacks right now-just so everyone knows).

I'm off to soak in more of William and Kate and then on to a play date with My Girl...

The sun is finally shining here!  Nothing like a little natural vitamin D to restore my pleasing personality.

Hoping the sun is out where you are,


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Skyler

I'm back again.  Already.  I know-it's been less than 24 hours and I'm here posting again.  I can't help it-I'm all jazzed up about this whole me writing a blog thing and the cathartic-ness of releasing all of the crazy contents of  my head is just so...tantalizing. 

I feel a little bit like a psycho overzealous girl that went on one date with a guy and the next day starts planning their wedding and naming their unborn children and calling his mother "mom."  Or like that annoying chick in high school that chases after you all day long demanding that you sign her yearbook.  "These are memories frozen in time, people!" (Name that movie.  Seriously.  Name it for me cause I can't remember what movie that's from.)  But anywho...I have a lot more time on my hands this week since I'm on spring break so I maybe won't be posting so frequently all the time.  Until summer...then I'll back again to annoy you frequently. Yay!

What is on my mind this fine morning is coming up with something for me and My Girl to do.  Spring is stubbornly refusing to show itself here in Wisconsin and it is FREEZING outside.  My Girl is begging me to take her outside to play but that would necessitate bundling her up in her winter parka and out of sheer principal, I refuse to do that. It is nearly May for God sakes.

I'm considering taking her to our local children's museum but the problem with that is that other people bring their kids there too.  Ugh.  I'm in no mood for other people's children at the moment.  Unless your kids are there.  Then I would love them and find them adorable-but all those other people's kids and their snotty noses and crazy yelling would make me insane. 

There's also the possibility of going to the mall and engaging in a little retail therapy.  Girly Girl and I could both use a serious spring/summer wardrobe revamping, that's for sure.  *Sigh*  But that would be less than fiscally responsible of me and I'm really trying to be more fiscally responsible lately.   But I do have a 30% off coupon for Gymboree that's been burning a hole in my pocket...right now I'm hearing the voice of my darling husband in my head..."Jen, It's nice that you saved so much money on all those bags of children's clothing but do you know what would have saved us even more money? Not buying anything at all."  Rats.

While I ponder over this pressing dilemma, I thought I'd introduce you to one more member of my family.  I imagine I'll have some things to say about her in the future so you should probably get to know her.  She and I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship.  You can't help but love her but her behavior is so maddening at times, it's hard not to kind of hate her.  At least for me.  She's totally jealous of me and I swear she only pulls the crap she pulls for me.  She's madly in love with my husband and she sees me as an obstacle to that end.  Sometimes I think she lies awake at night plotting my death.  Okay-that's a little dramatic, but she definitely plots ways to seriously annoy me.  So here she is:

This is Skyler.  AKA "Skee Skee", AKA "Skeeks."  She's our 6 year old (nearly 7) Golden Retriever.  She's beautiful and almost majestic looking in this picture, isn't she?  Yeah.  Don't be fooled.  Okay, I'm kind of kidding.  I do love her.  She and I just missed the window of opportunity to bond.  See, we brought Skeeks home from the farm in October of 2004 when she was just was just 9 or 10 weeks old.  We had 4 weeks or so during which I was in love with her and couldn't get enough of her.  Then, in November of 2004 I got pregnant with My Boy and our relationship went down hill from there.  Suddenly everything about her made me nauseous.  Her food, her fur, her poop.  I couldn't take it.  It all came to a head early one morning in the dead of winter when I took her out to go potty before we left for work.  I bent down to pick up her poop and I absolutely lost it.  Literally.  I threw up all over our front lawn.  I wasn't showing so much yet so I'm pretty sure the neighbors all thought I was a closet drunk A La Meg Ryan in When a Man Loves a Woman.  Cause that's what I would have thought if I had been watching me out the window that morning.  But maybe not everyone thinks in terms of how something to relates to Meg Ryan  movies the way I do? Anyways...

One more picture of the Skeekster:

This is Skeeks in her "Cone of Shame."  One evening I arrived home to find she had spent the day trying to gnaw her own face off.  I walked into trails of blood all over the house.  Poor dog.  You can't help feel so sorry for her pathetic self in this photo, can you?  Apparently, she just had a minor skin infection that she had scratched violently.  But I swear-she did it just to protest Her Man being out of town that week. 

Okay, that's what I have for you today, my friends.  I have so many ideas of things to say and do on this blog but I will ease you into all that, I think.  I don't want to totally freak you least right away. 

I will leave you with a gratuitous picture of my babies from Easter morning:

If you don't think this is adorable clearly, you have no soul.

And now, I must go and deal with the damn dog.  She has asked to go out for absolutely no reason no less than 4 times since I started this post (I'm not even kidding.)  See what I'm saying?  Hates. Me.

Have a lovely day everyone,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here Goes Nothin'

Welcome to Filling Up My Cup!  Is anyone out there?  Hello? Anyone? Bueller? 

Put your hand down, Lisa-you don't count.  At the moment, my only reader and lone fan is my BFF, Lees.   She's one of a handful of people who have been encouraging me to start a blog.  So...after much hand wringing and self doubt (Who on Earth is going to give two craps about what I have to say?) here I am.

I was complaining to someone recently about being stressed out and frazzled to the core and she said to me, "It sounds to me like your cup is empty!"  She meant that I had nothing going on that wasn't about other people and no well of peacefulness from which to draw from. No creative outlet, if you will...and so was born the inspiration for the title of this here blog (Is it a blog yet? I mean, like, officially? I have written 3 whole paragraphs-I think it might be! Woo hoo!) and the final push I needed to finally sit down and make it happen. 

I have no idea what the heck my little piece of the online world is going to look like or stand for yet--I guess that's just going to have to evolve as I go.  I have some ideas of what I want it to be but maybe more ideas of what I don't want it to be.  Namely:

1.  I don't want it to be a whiny, journal-like play by play of the every dayness of my life.  Who needs to read about all the errands I ran yesterday morning and how I need to get a cavity filled?  I certainly don't.

2.  I don't want it to get too deep, too personal, or be too serious.  But sometimes it will be cause life just has a way of going there, I suppose.

3.  I don't want it to be too much of a cliche' "Mommy Blog"-although, I am a mommy so it will definitely lean in that direction, I'm guessing.  Unless, in the near future, I lose my mind and decide to run away from my suburban life and become a Vegas Show Girl (don't think I haven't been tempted) in which case, it will be more about stuff that Vegas Show Girls do. 

4.  I don't want it to be too polite.  I want to say what I'm really thinking...sometimes, I think things that are a little sarcastic, a little less than PC, and a little bit nonsensical and off the top of my head.  Also, sometimes I think in phrases that contain bad words.  For example, one of my favorite phrases of late is "bat shit crazy."  As in, "Don't even get me started on her-she's completely bat shit crazy." Say it out loud.  Doesn't that kind of just make you feel good? So anyways, is that going to be okay?  Still with me?  Lees, stop nodding.  I already know it's fine with you-I think you taught me most of the bad words and politically incorrect phrases I know.

There you have it.  I guess that's a pretty good start. Oh, wait-maybe, should I tell you a little bit more about myself?  I don't know how these things work, please bear with me.    

By way of introduction, I'm Jen.  I was born in the mid 70's which makes me almost...(gulp) 35, which also makes it really weird that my name is Jennifer, don't you think?  (That's the sarcasm I was talking about.  My apologies.) 

I've been married for almost 9 years to a man I've known since I was 12.  I also have two beautiful, and beautifully hilarious kiddos.  A 51/2 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.

Here's the boy.  I adore him.  He's smart, funny, and joyful.
He's incredibly curious and LOVES to read.
And I'm almost ready to forgive him for the 26 hours of labor
I went through to bring him into this world. Almost.

Here's the girl.  This was taken on her 3rd birthday last month. 
She believes herself to be a fairy princess and I dare anyone to challenge that.
She's precocious, creative, brilliant, and so funny. 
Also, she's bull headed, quick tempered, and can have a tantrum like no body's business. 
In case you haven't heard, 3 is the new 2.  Seriously.

This is me.  As a disclaimer, I typically don't hang out on swing sets
with my hair flirtatiously blowing in the breeze
while wearing oddly patriotic clothing.
This was taken at a 4th of July party last year and it's one of the only recent
pics I could find of just me without a child and/or husband hanging off of one of my arms.

So, there you go.  My first post under my belt.  That wasn't so bad!  I think I'm gonna like it here!

See you soon,

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