Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

This book was just published a few weeks tells the story of Andrea Haberman, her family, and her fiancee, Al in the aftermath of 9/11/01.  Andrea was 25 years old and grew up in a small town not far from mine in Wisconsin.  She was on her very first business trip to NYC-it was the first time she had ever been there.  She had a meeting at 8:30am on the 92nd floor of the north tower of the WTC.  She was nervous and she got there early.  Andrea never made it out.

Al and Andrea met in college where they both attended with my BFF, Lisa, a good friend of Al's.  I got to know Al over the years because of Lisa (I inadvertently almost got him kicked out of the dorms freshman year-long story) and I met Andrea on a few occasions.  She was extremely shy and I don't know that she said more than a few words to me-but it was obvious that she was incredibly sweet.  

The book is both heart breaking and heart warming all at once.  I can't recommend it enough.  It illustrates that 9/11 did not just affect New Yorkers-it's effects stretched throughout the entire country and beyond.

A portion of the proceeds from Just a Few Sleeps Away will go to 9/11 charities.  Please check it out....

We must never, ever forget.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to Reality

Reality is eeking its way back into our lives slowly but surely.  We've had two partial weeks of school to prepare us for the big five day week coming up.  So far, so good.  I've managed to get up on time, get both kids fed and dressed and out the door with everything they need for school, preschool, or day care (depending on the day) and I've even managed to shower myself every day as well.  And after I showered, I've even remembered to put on an outfit that does not involve my sparkly Old Navy flip flops and my drawstring cargo shorts and go to work.  It's all about taking pleasure in life's little accomplishments.

I can feel summer sneaking away from us.  It thinks I haven't noticed. The temperature is still mostly pushing 80 on most days but there have been a few days in the high 60's.  And then every now and then, and it's happening more and more frequently, I catch the tiniest whiff of fall in the air.  It's out there lurking-just waiting in the wings to jump onto the scene in all it's glory. 

I kind of wish it would get on with it.  We're no longer around to enjoy the summer sun during the day anyway, we might as well get to pull out the big sweaters, grab a big ol' mug of hot apple cider and go on a friggin' hayride or something. 

As always, the passage of time startles me.  I mean, seriously-I need to start pulling together Halloween costumes soon!  How did that happen? How is it that my first born is a first grader and has no front teeth and my baby is in preschool and can dress herself?  Have I seriously been married for close to a decade?  I swear to God I just got my driver's license and went shopping for prom dresses two weeks ago.  Amazing.

Anyways, here is a photo tour of the last few weeks of my silly little life to catch you up:

The night before school started.  Popsicles on the front porch...we weren't going to let summer leave us without a fight.

Miss A's very first day of preschool.  I know she's mine and all but come on? Does it get much cuter?  I think not

Mr. Man's first day of first grade in all his snaggle-toothed glory.  He is my cautious child and was a little nervous on this day.  But he was brave and he did it.  He is my hero.

My heart can't handle looking at this one for too long. 

Beautiful veggies!


The late summer harvest from my garden....not bad for a first timer!

A double rainbow over our backyard after a storm!


The Instagram version....I love this!

The sunflowers on the other side of the yard at sunset....these suckers got to be about 8 feet tall! 

A dreamy shot of Miss A playing dress up.  One of my all time favorite pictures.  Ever.

 This was taken just a few hours boys heading off to a Brewer game. I sense an instant classic.

 So that's what we've been up to.

And now I must brush up on my crock pot recipes and get ready for the work week.  I think I can, I think I can...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,

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