Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loving Lately: I Have a Thing for Gourds

I'm all about gourds in the Fall. I love how they are all at once earthy and beautiful and weird.  I love decorating with them as soon as the air starts to get that little crispness in it.  Not only do they make a beautiful natural decoration but they're a relatively cheap way to spruce up your decor and mark the change of seasons. 
Needless to say, when I walked into the grocery store last week and saw a huge bin of them in all their freaky glory I was admittedly a bit giddy.  What can I say, I'm easy to please. 
I grabbed up a bunch of the most interesting looking ones I could find along with a few ears of dried Indian corn cobs. The whole lot of them cost around $8.  When I got home, I arranged them in a large hurricane vase and voila....a gorgeous Fall centerpiece.
And that, my friends, is what I'm loving lately.  Gourds.  I love gourds and I'm not afraid to admit it.   Now get out of here and go gourd shopping.  You know you want to...
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I must go now...I've already said too much.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Easy Peasy DIY Cake Platter

Happy Monday, Dear Ones!
{I'm not sure why I'm calling you "Dear Ones." I just feels right.  Oddly grandmother-ish, but right just the same}

I've been meaning to show off this easy peasy little Pinterest inspired DIY project I did a while ago. Here's my  "Pinspiration" :

This idea originally came from Jamie at Jamie Cooks It Up

It's two cheapo Target plates epoxied to an old candle stick to make a darling two tiered cake platter.  Brilliant, right?

I love it when I see an adorable DIY project that doesn't involve:
 A. A sewing machine (the last time I used one was Home Ec class in 9th grade), 
B. Power tools (they confuse and frighten me) or
 C.  Skills beyond those which a monkey could master (there are monkeys with better crafting skills than me, let's just be honest).

So, I picked up a pretty dinner plate and salad plate from Target for around $1 each, some epoxy from the hardware store for around $3 and I already had an old glass candle stick with no partner lying around so I was good to go.  Here's my result:

 So cute, isn't it? 


 Here's a close up of the epoxy.  See my fine attention to detail? Yikes.  I'm so lucky I didn't glue myself to, uh....myself during this project.  Fortunately, you can't see the messy part underneath unless you're looking for it.  


 Here's a shot of it in it's full functional glory.  And yes, those are the S'mores cookies from this post. I mean, not the same exact cookies from that post...I made a new batch this weekend.  But, you probably realized that.  Never mind.

Anyways...I'm definitely going to grab some more plates next time I'm at Target and some candle sticks from the dollar store and make a few more of these.  It would be fun to get some seasonal ones for the holidays!  And how cute would this be to give to your neighbors filled with Christmas cookies! Love that idea.

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Have a great week, everyone!



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Confessions of an Introverted Blogger

As you may or may not have noticed, I made the decision very recently to dive into this whole blogging thing with gusto and stop being so....half-assed about it, for lack of a better phrase.  I've been working hard to post regularly, to participate in link-ups, comments, etc with other bloggers more established than myself and to shamelessly promote my little baby of a blog.  
I decided that if I love this, which I really do, I should put my whole heart into it and see what happens.  My goals are not to gain thousands of followers, to score a book deal, and to make a living with this silly little adventure {not that I would necessarily say no to any of those things, mind you!}.  I just want to feel the way it feels to be involved in something that lights a fire in me, which writing like this does.  I haven't felt that in a long time...and I like it
The thing is...sharing this part of myself with, well, literally the entire world is terrifying to me.  And do you know what's funny?  Sharing it with people I know in real life has actually been 1000 times more terrifying than sharing it with strangers across the globe.  It just seems easier to pour out my heart to people I will likely never meet. 
  In the last couple weeks, the result of me opening up and being more public with my blog is that lots of friends and acquaintances of mine are discovering FUMC for the first time and while the response has been nothing but good...it's causing my heart to palpitate constantly.
I feel like I'm an awkward 7th grader with braces and a training bra again and I'm standing in front of my English class reading a story I wrote and being terrified that the other kids are going to laugh at me or make fun of what I did or thought or said.  
As I sit here typing this my phone has buzzed twice with friends leaving messages to the effect of, "Why haven't I seen your blog before??"  How does a grown women with seemingly high self-esteem confess, "Uh, well...I was afraid you would make fun of me."    

This quote from Eleanor Roosevelt has been running through my head in a constant loop the last week or so...

"Do one thing every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt (HerzingOnline.edu) 
It's been my mantra.  I keep thinking that the fact that this scares me so much probably means it's a worthwhile endeavor.  And so, here I am.  Bearing my soul to all the world, including my own little slice of it.  
Do one thing every day that scares you. -- Eleanor Roosevelt 
Graphic credit:  http://www.fitwoman.com/blog/where-the-magic-happens
So, my friends...can anyone else relate? Am I the only blogger that's every experienced this?  I can't be....can I?  Chime in and make me feel better, won't you?  
In the meantime, thanks to everyone who's had nice things to say. It means more than you realize.  I feel like Sally Field..."You like me! You really like me!" 
And also, don't be afraid to offer constructive criticism and advice.  I really will welcome it and I promise I can take it....as long as you don't laugh and point and steal my lunch money.

Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday-Turtles and Thrifting and Shopping, Oh My!

It's that time of the week again....HIGH FIVE for FRIDAY!  Love that. 
Per usual, I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk Blog 
We are knee deep in soccer season around here....Mr. Man (the orange #7) is doing an awesome job.  I love that he picked #7 for his jersey cause he's 7.  He likes things to make sense and for the universe to tie together neatly.  Just like his mama.  
I snagged this adorable Star Print Cotton Trench from Ann Taylor Loft last month and it's finally gotten cool enough to wear it.  I adore it!  It's so cute and fits so nicely.  It looks way more expensive than it was, I think.  There are limited sizes left but they are an additional 40% off at the moment if you're interested.  You'll need to click the link to see the fabric close up-I know this image is not so hot.  I would have taken my own picture wearing it but I haven't showered yet and I'm not so hot at the moment either and no one wants to see that.  Trust me. 


Meet Shelly the Turtle!  He's our newest friend around here.  He's the former class pet of one of the Kindergarten classes at my school.  They were forced to give him away when the school board ruled that no classrooms could have reptiles or amphibians as class pets {Big Meanies!!} so I agreed to give him a new home.  Mr. Man and Miss A were beyond thrilled!  The kindergarteners are going to send Shelly letters and Mr. Man has agreed to write back on behalf of Shelly.  I love feel good educational projects.  I'm not sure how I feel about stinky turtle aquariums but that has the hubster's name written all over it so we're all good...

I stopped by a big used children's clothing sale at a local church this morning on a whim and nabbed a bunch of great finds, including this like new Hanna Andersson play dress for only $5!  If you know anything about kids' clothes you know that's a huge score! 


I earned a $20 reward at Old Navy (thank you back to school shopping!) so I just ordered this dress
for $19.94!  I've been seeing these striped jersey dresses everywhere so I'm excited that I found this one and can try out this look on the cheap.  I'm thinking of pairing it with some brown boots like I saw here
on Pinterest. What do you think?
navy and white striped jersey dress-with boots 
That's it, my lovelies! How did your week go?  Comment below and fill me in!
Have a super fantastic weekend!

I Believe

{This post is making it's way around the blog world today and I just had to join in...I love this idea!}

....That the grass may be greener but that green grass doesn't come for free.  Everyone bears their own crosses no matter how rosy their life looks from the outside...

...That 50 Shades of Grey is a disgrace to literature.  I also believe that the fact that I read all three books this summer doesn't make me a bad person and that if Ryan Gosling does not get the role of Christian Grey I will die a thousand deaths.


...That birthday's are a big deal and should be celebrated in grand style no matter what

...That you should listen to your own heart and drown out all the other voices.  In the end, you are the keeper of your own soul and are wiser than you give yourself credit for when it comes to knowing what makes your heart sing...


...That life is too short not to order the big Margarita

...That planting your own garden is a gigantic pain in the ass but is one of the most gratifying endeavors one can partake in


...That owning a dog can be a gigantic pain in the ass but it is also good for your soul

....That if everyone planted sunflowers in their yard the world would be a happier place in which to live

...That if I ever have a cat I will name it Stella.  To be clear, I don't ever want to have a cat but if I am ever forced into a situation in which I find that I am, indeed, a cat owner it just seems right to name it Stella.  

...That the fact that I attended high school in the early 90's when baggy clothes and goth were fashionable and that I also weighed 105 pounds and had non child bearing hips during this era and that skinny jeans did not come into fashion until 20 years later after said hips had born children is a tragic irony of such epic proportions that only Alanis Morrissette would understand it...  

...That, speaking of Alanis, shouting out every bitter lyric to You Oughtta Know, with special Alanis-esq emphasis on the F word part while driving down the highway by yourself is one of the most cathartic experiences ever

...That if you pay attention, God gives us signs His presence every single day...sometimes they're unmistakable and sometimes they're very subtle but they are always there...

...That having dreams about making out with Justin Timberlake when you're a 36 year old mother of two is perfectly acceptable probably not something that you should admit to in public

...That marriage is hard but it is worth it. That anyone who spends a lot of time telling you that their marriage is amazing and perfect all the time is probably trying to convince themselves that that's true.  That it is possible to love someone so much it hurts and to love them a thousand times more than the day you walked down the aisle but to also daydream about punching them in the face from time to time. Just sayin'...

...That motherhood changes you in ways that you could not possibly have imagined before it happens to you.  That before you have a child you think that you will just go on with your life only with a child in tow but that's not the way it works.  Your heart blows up with love and fear and nothing that matters before matters at all and people and ideas that were once in your life before kids will fall away and that will be sad but it will also just be.  You will still be a whole person aside from motherhood but all of your decisions for the rest of time will forever be tempered by their needs before you can consider your own and it will rarely occur to you to be bothered by that.  But there will be times when you are bothered by it and the only solution is to share a bottle of wine with a girlfriend and complain to each other for hours about how hard it is and that's okay too.

....That  I'm so tired that I need to end this post and go to bed but the fact that I'm so tired is preventing me from coming up with a normal way to end this post and all that is going through my head right now is "I like chili dogs." So, with that, I will end with my strong belief in Chili Dogs and all that they stand for and call it a night.  

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fabulous Photography Book for Moms

Happy Wednesday, my friends!
Just a quick post since this week is already kicking my ass.  I'm so tired right now I could fall asleep with my eyes open and it's only 7pm.  I still have to do the dishes, make cupcakes (more on that another day), get Miss A in her jammies, (I'm not even dealing with bathing her.  She'll just be the stinky kid at school tomorrow and I'm completely okay with that) check Mr. Man's homework after he and his dad get home from religious education class in an hour and a half,  and the lists goes on....

But, lest I bore you with my whining and martyrdom further, I will move on to what I wanted to share with you.  I've been dying to share this book I discovered recently that I'm just absolutely in love with. 

In fact, I loved it so much that I sent my BFF a copy for her birthday a couple weeks ago.  It's a photography book by Tracy Clark that comes from the angle of capturing the essence of motherhood in the day to day.  It encourages you to not just capture the traditional milestones but also those little every day moments that will soon be forgotten and gone forever. It has inspired me to look at photography more creatively and from a different perspective.  The photos inside are just gorgeous!

It's been my goal for a long time to save up for a DLR camera and to take a photography class and this book has totally fired me up to accomplish that.  There just always seems to be something far more practical to spend $600 on (like, you know, food for example). *Sigh*

But anyways you guys, check out this book-it's so, so beautiful.  I can't wait for the next person I know to get preggo, this would make an awesome baby gift!

BTW-this is just a genuine plug for a book I like, not in anyway a paid advertisement.  Just in case you thought I was so amazing and influential that the author and/or publisher thought it would be a great investment to advertise on my little blog. I mean, I know I'm awesome but it will likely be a while until the people beyond the seven of you reading this right now begin to notice. ;)

I'm linking up for Wonderful Wednesday!


Enjoy the rest of your week!



Monday, September 17, 2012

Polish Swap and The Big FUMC Make Over Reveal

Welcome to the new Filling Up My Cup!

Isn't it beautiful?  I'm so excited to finally have my own fancy schmancy place in the blogosphere! I owe it all to the design talents of Kristen from From Kristen, With Love. If you are in need of a blog make over be sure to head over there and check out her work! She's fabulous!

This little make over also forced me to hook up FUMC with my social media accounts like a legit blogger.  I've had a Twitter account for forever but have yet to dispel my first tweet.  To be totally honest, Twitter confuses and frightens me. But I'm going to suck it up and likely my first tweet will be about FUMC. I also created a Facebook page just for the blog as well as a new email.  So...get in on these shenanigans on the ground floor kids and follow me! If nothing else it will be highly amusing watching me stumble along and dork it up as I figure all this out. 

Okay, on to some regular business...

I'm so excited to be apart of a nail polish swap hosted by Carly from Lip Gloss and Crayons and Rachel from La La Lists!
Our fantastic hosts set us up with a swap partner and I was lucky enough to be paired with Lauren from Seek First. We're all linking up today and showing off our goods.
lala Lists

Lauren and I decided to swap polishes from Essie, one of our favorites.  I requested two shades of "deeper fall pink". Could that be more weird and vague? Somehow Lauren nailed it and hooked me up with some amazing colors!

These are the lovely colors she sent me (with the cute bag she sent them in as a backdrop). 

The one on the left is Very Structured. It's a great pinkish hued brown-Perfect for fall! On the right is Infatuation a perfect dark watermelon-y pink. Definitely more fall-like but still a fun color.

{OMG, I can't believe I'm showing you a picture of my feet! I hate feet}. Anyway, don't worry-this is a before shot of my sad little piggies before receiving my new polish. Gross.

And here are my polish-less unmanicured fingers.  

And here's a nice close up of my grody cuticles.  Apparently, someone swapped out my delicate, lady like hand with a claw-like swollen man hand. WTF?? Nasty.

I decided that since the blog was getting a make over, my nails deserved one too. Rather than struggling through a self manicure and ruining the effect of my beautiful new polish, I decided to splurge and go to my favorite place for a Mani/Pedi! Yay me! And to be real-I absolutely suck at doing my own nails.  Hence the unkempt nastiness shown above. 

Ahhhhh....Seriously, is there anything better than a pedicure? I think not.  They are one of my most favorite things in life. I love sitting back in my massage chair, sipping on a Diet Coke, and reading an entire magazine while my tootsies are pampered.  

And, incidentally, you know what else I bet I'm going to love? Yeah, that cake from the latest edition of O.  Have you seen this? It's red velvet cake made with red wine. I'm totally making that soon...Cake? Gooooood. Wine? Goooood. Mixing cake and wine...how can that not be the stuff dreams are made of?

Anyways...after my pedi I moved on to the mani.  I don't have any pictures of that in process for you. Because 1.) I didn't have a free hand to take the picture and 2.) Even if I did there would have been no way to sneakily snap a shot with my phone without my manicurist knowing what I was up to and thinking I was a total jack-ass. 

It was definitely in my best interest not to piss her off at this point, trust me.  She took one look at my cuticles and practically lost her mind.  She was Vietnamese and didn't speak any English but let me tell you, there is definitely body language that transcends language barriers and clearly communicates the message, "What the hell is wrong with you?? Who lets their nails get this gross? It's going to take me all afternoon to plow through these beastly things you disgusting excuse for a female."  Even though she was muttering to herself in a language I didn't understand...I promise you, that's exactly what she was saying.

Thankfully, she contained her anger and did wonders with my nails. Here's the after:

Can I just say, since Pinterest, I've always wanted to take a perfectly-done-nails-artfully-grasping-the-nail-polish-bottle-they're-polished-with shot. Yay! Cross that one off the bucket list...

Isn't it a great color??

And here's my toesies:

I love this color for my toes! It's hard to tell in this picture but it's got some pink hues as well as some purple, depending on the light.

I had so much fun participating in this swap!  Thanks again, Lauren for choosing some great colors for me and for being a great swap buddy!

  I'm also linking up with Molly and Carly for #YOLO Monday.

And don't forget to stop by Seek First and visit Lauren, my wonderful Swap Buddy!

Have a great week, everyone!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching Up With High Five for Friday

I haven't linked up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk Blog in a while for High Five For Friday so let's do that, shall we?

1.  Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores-To Die For

Have you seen this recipe floating around Pinterest?  I made them a couple weekends ago when we went up to yet another friend's lake house for the weekend and they were a HUGE hit.  There were actually random people from around the lake coming over to try them.  Okay, fine.  They were random to me because I was a guest there and I'm sure said people were actual friends of our hosts- but still.  They were there for S'mores and definitely not the free keg of beer, I promise you that. It's a chocolate chip cookie with mini marshmallows baked on top of a graham cracker with a bar of chocolate baked into the top of that. Heaven.   The original recipe came from The Girl Who Ate Everything.  Go check it out and make these immediately.  

2.  This sign completely cracked me up!

{Sorry for the naughty words-are you over it yet?}.  The lake house we were at belongs to the parents of a dear friend of ours.  Our group of friends spent many crazy weekends up there before we all had children and turned into seemingly responsible adults.  This weekend was the first weekend we were all back in a loooong time but this time everyone brought their kids. 

{Things actually did get just as crazy if not more crazy than ever right around 2 am when the babes were sound asleep but that's another story for another time...I will say this: I may be a soccer mom and I may have crossed over into the abyss of my late thirties, but I kick ass at Flip Cup.  Seriously.  If you are a college kid entering a Flip Cup tournament and need yourself an anchor, let me know. I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to this past time.  Trust me.}  

Our friend's dad left this for us on the mantle.....it's funny cause it's true. 


3.  I Love This Photo!

One last high from the lake weekend.  I snapped this early in the morning...I think it's one of the best pictures I've ever taken and I can't wait to get it blown up into a canvas.  It's the three loves of my life relaxing in a hammock by the lake.  I love that I captured such a tender/candid moment between the three of them.  My heart literally bursts when I look at it.

4. Supreme Pizza Pasta-Stealth Mama Style

This is a great kid friendly dish I made the other day (I'll post the full recipe later this week).  It's an adaptation of a recipe I found a long time ago.  I jacked it up with tons of fresh diced veggies unbeknown to my unsuspecting family.  They gobbled it up and got like 2 servings each of vegetables in the process, including organic zucchini from the farmer's market!  

For the record I loathe people who feel the need to add the adjective "organic" in front of every food they make/eat/think about just to sound cool and prove to the world that they're all earthy and health conscious. I always feel like shouting: " Ugh!  I get it.  You're better then me.  You only buy organic and your kids have never had a Cheeto. For the love of God, shut up! I'm trying to eat this Twinkie and you're really ruining the experience for me!" 

That being said, I do get all tingly and happy watching my kids and husband eat a healthy meal I made them.  And if I can have the secret satisfaction of knowing I totally tricked them into doing it, all the better.  Also, I hate it when people say "that being said..." and I just did it.  Damn it.  I had a professor in grad school who made me insane and she used that phrase constantly, so subsequently, my skin crawls when I hear it.  But that has nothing to do with anything.  Let's move on.

5.  Changes are coming to FUMC!!

I decided it was time to hunker down and get serious about this blogging thing and get myself a big girl blog.  I've enlisted the help of the lovely Kristen @ From Kristen, With Love to redesign this space of mine.  I know she's going to make it fabulous!  The new design should be live by the end of next week so come back soon and check it out!   Click on Kristen's button below if you want to check out her portfolio!

From Kristen, With Love
 That's it for now my lovelies!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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