Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boot Warmers: What I'm Loving {Lately}

I love when I have something I'm loving lately to share with you!
So, of course I'm linking up with Carly, Kristin, Niki, and Rachel for their weekly Loving Lately blog hop!
Here's what I'm loving:

 I love my new boot warmers I stumbled upon on Etsy the other day! They were hand crocheted by Julie at Crochet This For Me

Boot Cuffs
{Image source: Crochet This For Me}

These are so cute and cozy and add such a fun layered look to your outfit. They're so much better than big boot socks, I think. Those suckers make my feet hot and my boots too small. Not a pleasant experience.

Here's a look at my whole boot warmer outfit. Are you digging the laundry on the bed behind me? What are your thoughts on the disgusting finger prints on the mirror that are interfering with the image of the freaking boot warmers? God only knows what those smudges are from. My guess is yogurt. Sweet. These are reasons I could never be a fashion blogger. Just keeping it real, folks.


That's my "Oh, Dear God I feel like a total jackass taking a picture of myself" face just in case you're wondering. This is what I'm wondering: How do we feel about me and the leggings? I think I'm maybe doing them wrong. I felt like I was maybe breaking the "leggings are not pants" rule. Does my top need to be longer? Do I need different leggings? 

This is yet another reason I will never be a fashion blogger. Who blogs about an outfit and then gets all low self-esteemy and questions their own judgment half way through the post?

But anyway, I digress....Boot Warmers, they're where it's at! That's all I'm really trying to say!

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Have a lovely Tuesday, Loves! What are you loving lately? Comment below and let me know!



  1. I wore leg warmers for the first time a couple weekends ago to an outdoor wedding. I loved them, yours are adorable and I love the size & button! Super cute
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  2. So far I haven't tried boot warmers. I tend to wear the whole boot sock because my feet are always so cold in the Montana. But you have made those look so cute I may just have to get a pair :) stopping by from the Loving Lately link up


  3. Oooh I like those!

    And your leggings are totally working. Leggings as pants are fine as long as your bum and lady-parts are covered!

    The Ellison Family Expansion Plan

  4. I am the same way...I HATE taking pics of myself! I think you look great!!


  5. You are rocking the leggings! You look great! Love leggings- as long as your butt is covered you are good. And oh yeah, please make sure the leggings aren't too thin... That is a pet peeve of mine... if I can see through them, its no bueno.

    And the boot warmers are fun too! Never seen them before


  6. Love this outfit! I am obsessed with boots!

  7. Those boot warmers are so cute! I love that they're just at the top so your feet won't get hot. I think the leggings look great! I always feel uncomfortable in them too, but I think as long as you have a long top {I like my butt covered} you're golden. Cute outfit!

  8. I love those boot socks! I gave you an award at my blog! http://www.dayslikethisone.com/2012/11/id-like-to-thank-academy.html


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